TEDxCapeTown is centered on the following core values


The TEDxCapeTown initiative aims to provide a channel for innovative and potentially world changing ideas to be showcased and heard, with the hope that their ideas resonate throughout the audience and catalyze action to make a difference, encouraging interest locally as well as internationally.

Community Building

The current landscape sees a fair amount of social entrepreneurship and innovation activity in the region, but also highlights how isolated and independent the various programs, companies and entrepreneurs are. We hope, through initiatives such as TEDxCapeTown to help unify these initiatives currently operating in their independent silo’s, through multidisciplinary networking and collaboration.


The TEDxCapeTown initiative aims to create opportunities for multi-disciplinary engagement that will spark idea sharing and networking. We also aim to create interaction between our community and external players. We aim to connect with communities, individuals and stakeholders where our attendees can add value and obtain benefit in return.

TEDxCapeTown aims to become a nucleus of things happening in South Africa and connecting key initiatives within the innovation and change-making ecosystem. We have a core focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, and aim to grow influential, open networks through our TEDx events.