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We will then screen all candidates and let you know if your apllication has been successful. You will then be eligible to come to the TEDxCapeTown event.

The best way to find out more about TED is to visit: TED is an annual event where some of the world’s leading thinkers and doers are invited to share what they are most passionate about. “TED” stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design — three broad subject areas that are, collectively, shaping our future. And in fact, the event is broader still, showcasing ideas that matter in any discipline. Attendees have called it “the ultimate brain spa” and “a four-day journey into the future.” The diverse audience — CEOs, scientists, creatives, philanthropists — is almost as extraordinary as the speakers, who have included Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Frank Gehry, Paul Simon, Sir Richard Branson, Philippe Starck and Bono. TED was first held in Monterey, California, in 1984. In 2001, Chris Anderson’s Sapling Foundation acquired TED from its founder, Richard Saul Wurman. In recent years, TED has expanded to include an international conference, TEDGlobal; media initiatives, including TED Talks and; and the TED Prize.
In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x=independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.


Your first steps would be to visit and apply for a license.

For TEDx Events is South Africa, we have a live document on issues that we have had to deal with. This is a locally attuned version of the resources you will find on, too see this document please follow the link to our resources page:

Fill in the application form as completely and as best you can. We have 700 seats, but even when approved, your seat is not guaranteed until we have received your payment. Where there is any question as to availability, those most likely to add value to the TEDxCapeTown event will be preferred.
For the 2014 TEDxCapeTown event: R350 per person. For those that cannot afford the fee. TEDxCapeTown will not let financial barriers prevent you from attending and contributing to this great event! – You can apply to be part of the CREW, but spaces are limited!
TED does not pay speakers and neither do we, so that cost is not passed on to you. The TEDxCapeTown are volunteers and do not get paid either. We have very generous sponsors who, like the attendees, are passionate about TED and sponsoring our event is their way of contributing to ideas worth spreading. TEDx licenses further place restrictions on the maximum ticket prices that may be charged.
We follow the TED format as much as possible and the TED conference is unique. The speakers sit with the attendees, many of whom are also involved in wonderful and uplifting work. There are no keynote speakers; all speakers are equal. There are no panel discussions or Q&A. Instead, there are frequent breaks where people can speak to whomever they choose; and because the entire room is filled with people passionate about Ideas Worth Spreading, many new ideas and idea cross-pollination occurs. The sheer beauty of a day like this is that everyone gathered is there to ensure that the ideas move on to have greater impact in our world.
Speakers and other attendees are encouraged to stay for the whole event. We are planning for an amazing event, and you won’t want to miss a single minute! Where doing so is not possible, you are free to attend those sessions which you are able to attend, but please attend at such a time that will have least interruption to the presentations.
TED is committed to Ideas Worth Spreading and as a speaker at TEDxCapeTown, you will be spreading your idea to an audience of people who are passionate about spreading ideas. You'll interact with other speakers and explore opportunities of idea cross-pollination. All talks are filmed and the footage is sent to TED. If TED approves it, your talk will be placed on their website, available for the global TED audience to appreciate.

Yes, absolutely. Just contact us - we would love to hear about your Idea Worth Sharing!

All accepted attendance applications allow one ticket only. This is granted to the person who filled in the application. Your partner may only come if his or her application was also accepted.
Let us know as early as possible by contacting us. Your promptness in this regard will help someone who made the attendee shortlist be a happy person.
Your ticket is specifically for you and you alone. You can motivate for someone to take your place and we will gladly take it under consideration. Depending on ticket availability, a person who in our opinion has shown the passion to effect change will be chosen to attend.
There are various TEDx events happening all over the world. For a full list of all upcoming TEDx events please visit the information page on TEDxCapeTown would like to support other TEDx events, especially those in South Africa. Contact us and let's see what we can do to support each other!
No in TWO big ways. Firstly, TED is not in Cape Town, or in South Africa (yet). TEDx events are self-organised by volunteers who usually have other day jobs. The 'x' in 'TEDx' stands for "independently organized events." Media-related questions about TED can be addressed to Secondly, ANYONE can organise a TEDx event. We have the licence for Cape Town, but this doesn't mean you can have your own event in Cape Town - you can, but you have to call it something else. Anyone can apply for a TEDx license, and it's free (at least for events less than 100 people). Find out more here:
No! ANYONE can organise a TEDx event. We have the licence for Cape Town, but this doesn't mean you can't have your own event in Cape Town - you can, but you have to call it something else. Anyone can apply for a TEDx license, and it's free (at least for events less than 100 people). To host an event for more than 100 people, you have to attend a TED conference first. Having attended a TEDx event does not qualify you to host an event for more than 100 guests. Find out more here:

The ticket price is not the intrinsic value that you get. For example, TEDxCapeTown 2014 cost R350, but intrinsic value is >R650.

At TEDx events you often get meals included in the price AND more!

Music concerts, a night at the opera? You get this for free too, plus a range of phenomenal speakers - priceless.

TEDx is a volunteer driven event, we need to cover our costs.

So, we think it's worth it, but any ideas how we can make it cheaper? Inbox us -

We want the audience to add value for each other, as well as for the speakers - to increase your networking experience, the application process makes sure that you have ideas worth chatting about. Everyone has an idea, so the application process is asking you to think about it consciously.

Your efforts on the application process also means that you have something to talk about in that awkward start-of-the-day time - it serves as an icebreaker.

Completing your application process with care means that you probably can come to this TEDx event. It's not meant to exclude you from the event, but we do use this information to build diversity into the event. With the inevitable oversubscription, we need to give thought to how to create the most inspiring, conducive environment to share and discuss ideas.

We try to make this process fun, it is a little bit of effort, but it's worth it.

Also note that the application process is unique to each TEDx event, the point of view on this site is mainly for TEDxCapeTown.

Technically, this is impossible: All TEDx events are independently organised, so they're all doing their own thing. However, there are a few things that can help you, and a few things in the pipeline to improve this situation.

  1. TEDx filter on The page allows you to search for events by country.
  2. TEDxTalks filter: You can search all TEDx talks by country:
    There are also other search filters, you can search by language, event, most popular ...
  3. The TEDxCapeTown team lists all the upcoming events for the next few months in each newsletter.
    While each TEDx event is independently organised, we recognised this need to have a quick list, but we are not involved with these TEDx events! Please remember they are independent.
Yes, we will have a livestream feed of the main event. You simply go to on the day and you will be redirected to the livefeed.

Apply to attend here

The information will not be shared externally, it is only used by the TEDx team to assist us with on the day experiences, ensuring a diverse crowd of open minded individuals.