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UN World Water Day, (22 March 2012): Water and Food Security.
Aim: To communicate these interlinking issues in a way that empowers civic groups to see the bigger picture and take informed action (or plainly, inspires).
produced by the Centre of Criminology, UCT, and Science Journalist and one of our panelists, Leonie Joubert

Date: Thursday 29 March 2012
Venue: Chemical Engineering Seminar Room, UCT (Block B5 on the map, take South Lane into parking),
Time: 17:00 to 18:00*
Theme: The systems approach of how food and water interact, in context of cities.

Who: This event is open to the public. Anyone is welcome, even if you didn't RSVP.
The conversation will kick off with this TED talk to place the conversation into context, and will take place with specific context to Cape Town. 
The YWP and other Watery friends are partnering with TEDxCapeTown to potentially take thoughts arising from this conversation further as a multi-year action & outcome based social campaign, joining forces between academia, industry and the public, in the run up to Cape Town being World Design Capital in 2014.

Confirmed panelists include:
  • Jane Battersby, an urban social and cultural geographer with ongoing research interests through Urban Food Security, with an ongoing interest in the linkages between spatial transformation and identity transformation in post-apartheid urban areas - a topic she has addressed through the lenses of youth identities, education, music and land restitution;
  • Leonie Joubert, 2009 SAB Environmental Journalist of the Year. Her current project investigates food in an urban context, city sustainability and how societies hunger-proof their cities within the context of a changing climate. This research project is housed within the University of Cape Town’s Centre of Criminology;
  • Tania Katzschner,Tania's mission is education for sustainable futures which she believes is an emerging imperative.Tania's overarching research question is how to better blend scientific data with intuition, common sense, indigenous knowledge and qualitative research, as we try to comprehend the world in which we're immersed. 
  • Ulrike Rivett,  With her background in Landsurveying, Geomatics and ICT, her research focuses on developing technological solutions that support service delivery in the developing world. Core to her teams research has been to identify low cost and sustainable tools that are appropriate to the context of developing countries and address the need of geographically dispersed populations and resource-limited public bodies.
  • Shannon Royden-Turner, Shannon's latest project investigated the relationship between informality and the green economy, focusing on whether environmentally sustainable infrastructure can create jobs for those recipients living or working in the informal sector.
  • Peter Johnston, climate scientist at the University of Cape Town. His research focuses on the applications and impacts of climate variability and change on various user sectors. He specialises in agriculture and water related activities with special emphasis on vulnerability and adaptation options. He is also involved in the African centre for cities looking at adaptation frameworks for both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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The University of Cape Town have provided significant strategic support and advice with TEDxCapeTown. We are grateful for their assistance, specifically with regards to the IT infrastructure they have made available to us.

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Merah Mas Industrial Biotech

Merah Mas pursues an integrated approach to education, waste management and profitability. Specifically, Merah Mas aims to combine adventure sport and tourism to educate both tourists and the local public about science, while making it fun. Merah Mas believes wastewater treatment can be used to aesthetic effect in a landscaping application while educating about biotechnology and contributing to service delivery. 

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