Myrna Lewis

Myrna Lewis
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Myrna Lewis, CEO and Head of Professional Services, Research & Development, Deep Democracy Ltd. (UK).
Myrna is a leading thinker and practitioner in the field of transformative leadership and facilitation.
She  together with her late husband Gregory Lewis a co-founded  the
Lewis Method of Deep Democracy whilst assisting South Africa’s utility
company transform from an Apartheid driven organization to align with
South Africa's new democracy. Myrna has a BA degree in Social Science,
BA Hons degree in Psychology and a M.A. degree in Clinical
Psychology. Myrna consults locally and internationally around the
complex issues rooted in personal, social, political change, diversity
and minority issues.
Myrna is the recipient of a 2001 Ashoka Fellowship award from the Ashoka Foundation based in Washington.
In 2006, the United Nations recognised Deep Democracy as one of 80 leading African innovations,
In 2008 Myrna was Finalist in the South African Business Women of the Year award
In 2008 she published her book “Inside the NO – Five Steps to Decisions that Last”.
Myrna is the mother of two and grandmother of four and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.