TEDx Cape Town Women 2014

Attend here  SOLD OUT
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Date: Saturday 15 November 2014 
Venue: Youngblood Beautifull Life Building, 70 – 72 Bree Street, Cape Town   
Time: 08:00 to 14:00
Cost: R160            
Theme:  TEDxCapeTownSalon

TEDxCapeTownWomen is a community based in Cape Town which uses the powerful TEDx platform towards greater exposure and inclusion of women in the innovation and entrepreneurship space that is flourishing in the City. 

TEDxCapeTownWomen and its team is re-defining the model of citizen engagement by not only spreading good ideas, but building a platform for collaboration and community, a catalyst to inspire action. TEDxCapeTownWomen is about women, women’s issues, and women’s inherent potential, both locally and on a 

global scale. 

In 2010, Sheryl Sandberg’s talk on “Why we have too few women leaders” attributed this challenge to too many women leaning out, and the corporate sectors inability to retain female staff in a corporate space. Today women face the hard choice between professional success and personal fulfilment, or spend copious amounts of energy trying to find the perfect balance between the two.

Her talk, and subsequent book, coined the phrase Lean In, and encourages both women and men to evaluate the current systems that reinforce a scenario where women are substantially underrepresented in leadership positions, politically, socially and in the workplace.


To contextualise this debate and provide a space for dialogue around the inherent challenges preventing women from leaning in, we will host a TEDxCapeTownSalon event for the TEDxCapeTownWomen community. The conversation will not focus in on women in the workplace alone, but open up conversations about the challenges inhibiting women from taking hold of or participating fully in any opportunities that inspire and excite them.

Not only will ideas be shared about addressing the inherent gaps women and girls in Cape Town encounter, but we will also provide a platform for some personal stories of women who are leaning in, and blazing the trail for others to follow. The diverse line-up includes award-winning directors and healthcare innovators, to social workers and social entrepreneurs. Become part of the conversation by buying your ticket at Quicket, or following us on twitter @tedxctwomen in the lead up to the event.

Attend here    SOLD OUT


Building Isinthu

Building Isinthu Trust (IT 716/2012) was registered in 2012 to manage, amongst others, the financial affairs of TEDxCapeTown. The initial trustees are Bernelle Verster, Justin Beswick and James Howell.

The principle object of the Building Isinthu trust:

Building a cross-disciplinary educational and networking initiative


A few tools and a little more awareness is all it takes to see, think about and use your money differently.


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Situated in Bree Street, in the heart of Cape Town’s 

Young Blood Africa
Team Members: 

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Lauren Uppink

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