TEDxCapeTown 2013 Viewing Party



Date:      20 July 2013 09:00 – 17:00

Theme:   Amazing People, Crazy Places

URL:       www.tedxcapetown.org

Twitter:   #tedxct

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A viewing party allows you to tap into the free live webstreaming of TEDxCapeTown on Saturday 20 July and then to broadcast that from your laptop, your library or your workplace to a big-screen or projection TV. Livestreaming and hosting your own viewing party allows you to enjoy this exciting experience with your friends/ colleagues/ kids or pets - which ever phenomenal beings couldn't be at the event whether for financial reasons, tickets being sold out or perhaps attention-span or species related!

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDxCapeTown wants everyone to have access to our live webstream which will be FREE to connect to, and you DO NOT need to purchase a TEDxCapeTown event ticket to the Baxter Theatre in order to host your own viewing party. 

So wherever you are in the world, you can engage with cutting-edge ideas that are shaping our world, connect with others of like mind online and at your local viewing party, and be part of the larger TEDxCapeTown community beyond the in-person event on Saturday 20 July by organising a viewing party with all your friends and fellow innovators!

Download these useful resources to find out more:

Please do keep in contact if you are hosting your own viewing party, as we can send a shout out to you from stage and remind you to tweet so as to share your tweets and build the conversation on the day. Please submit your details above for our records, and/or email live@tedxcapetown.org with your venue, hashtag and group details, or with any queries or awesome information!

All TEDx events are independently organised and free of political, commercial and religious agenda. Talks can be viewed at www.youtube.com and some of the best talks are available for view or free download at www.ted.com.

Please visit www.simulcast.tedxcapetown.org for more information abou Viewing Parties.

Facebook: TEDxCapeTown

Twitter: @TEDxCapeTown, #tedxct

Contact: live@tedxcapetown.org




Virtuvent.com is proud to be taking TEDxCapeTown global with live video streaming. TEDx is a great brand, and we are excited to be working with a South African affiliate to give important local topics a more global exposure. Justin and his team do a fantastic job, and we are confident that working with them will be a huge success.

Taking TEDxCapeTown global with professional livestreaming


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Team Members: 

Justin Beswick

Justin Beswick
The Motivator

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Kirsten Eddey
Marketing and Partners

Cecile Pompei

Cecile Pompei
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