TEDx Cape Town In Depth Salon

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*Note:   This is NOT a standard TEDx event, it is a Salon event with a past speaker delving deeper into the complexity around their idea shared in their TEDxCapeTown talk
Date: Wednesday, 14 May 2014 
Venue: TBD   
Time: 18:00 to 21:00
Cost: R60 

Theme:  TEDxCapeTown: In Depth 

What will take place? See this clip this clip from our In Depth workshop held in March

We first started TEDxCapeTown in 2011 to provide a platform for critical engagement, new conversations and to create a neutral space conducive to idea sharing. Since then, the annual event and our TEDx community has grown tremendously, with the event and simulcast viewings selling out each year and attracting an international audience from around the globe participating via live-stream.

But this is not enough. The great journey that our speakers go through in distilling and sharing their most important idea to the world in the format of a TEDx talk has immense value, both for the speaker and for the audience, but we want to take this one step further. We need deeper engagement around these ideas in order to realise greater impact. And this is where we see the greatest opportunity for TEDx.

We believe that the next step for TEDxCapeTown - to focus on further engagement and deeper conversations around the ideas shared by our speakers - is both the natural and also necessary step to take in order to see this greater impact.

Hosting in-person workshops that explore the ideas shared by speakers is an effort towards this.

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Team Members: 

Justin Beswick

Justin Beswick
The Motivator

Jason Haddock

Audience experience

Hannah Billingsley

Engagement Co-ordinator