TEDxCT Youth Day 2015

TEDxCT Youth Day 2015

June 16, 1976, what was meant to be a peaceful march by school pupils in Soweto against Afrikaans as a language of instruction in township schools, that ended in tragedy when police opened fire on students.

TEDxCapeTown plans to commemorate this June 16 in a special way. Youth Day is a day that honours youth who fought for a fair education system during apartheid, as well as the role of youth in the liberation of South Africa. The fight for access to education and basic needs for development continues and this is something TEDxCapeTown wants to discuss with our greater community.

TEDxCapeTown has curated pertinent talks from around the globe that showcase how the youth from around the world need to play an active role in society.

In keeping with the overall theme for TEDxCapeTown this year, Access: Energy, Education and Elephants will be navigating the complex concept of access itself. We hope that this event will get minds, young and old thinking about how they can increase access to resources kids need to thrive!


This June 16th TEDxCapeTown and GirlHype is planning an event around South Africa's future - the youth. GirlHype aims to empower young women and girls with Digital and Media education skills. The Youth Day salon event will be hosted at GirlHype headquarters located at Bandwidth Barn in Khayelitsha.

The venue, a community-lead incubator with a strong focus on supporting and accelerating women and youth in tech and business, is a clear testimony to the role they play in supporting Cape Town youth.

Late President Nelson Mandela 

A man who personified struggle, he lead the fight against apartheid with extraordinary vigour and resilience.

Through these activities, we are driving home a central message:

  • that education is the most important asset that our youth should acquire; and

  • that for the government to succeed in improving education, it must have the support of students, teachers and parents alike.

That is what the spirit of Masakhane is all about.

We can only succeed as a nation if we build one another and build our country together.

Nelson Mandela

Let’s come together once again, mothers, fathers, parents, guardians, brothers and sisters. TEDxCapeTown invites you to celebrate June 16 with us.

We hope to see you there! Get your tickets on Quicket.